52nd Annual Convention

The 2016 Convention will held on Saturday June 11th and Sunday June 12th, Queen's Birthday Weekend.

Convention activities will also include Trader tables with new and second hand gear. Australian Fox Hunting Championships will be on again as will the Home Brew competition. As last year was such a fun event the Sunday night Dinner will be held again immediately after presentation of a technical nature and the trophies from the weekends competition.

Saturday doors open from 12:00 til 16:00, Sunday from 9:00am.

Admission for the weekend is the same as last year at $5.00.
Trader tables can be secured for $10.00

Final Convention Program can be found here

For Trader Table and Dinner bookings contact vk5sr@wia.org.au

Here are some photos of past convention activities

Competitors lined up before the first event in 2015

(Photo courtesy Andrew VK5KET)

Front seat view -where's the airbag?

Like Seagulls on a Chip

View of Tables from years gone by.

Bevan VK5TV setting up the doppler

That's going portable!?

Recent years have had an issue with too much water.

Bruce VK3TJN relaxing

Josh likes to use his fingers to do the running.

Bevan long time competitor.

(Photo courtesy Charles VK5HD)

Wayne Kilpatrick Memorial Night Hunt Trophy
(Photo courtesy Charles VK5HD)

The beautiful Valley Lake - suits UHF foxhunts because of the multiple reflections around the crater

AFHC Scoring


Last update: 28 June 2015